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A DAY WITH LEATHER WORKERS: THE WORLD AT WORK 1917. London. Hardbound. 80 pgs. Finely illustrated, showing different aspects of leather working and products made. Minor separation of text from spine. O/W VERY RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 79.95
THE AMERICAN BLACKSMITH MAGAZINE November, 1915Buffalo, NY. 50+ pgs.   Some great advertising and articles, including one that encourages blacksmiths to get with the automobile revolution and its opportunities. Minor tears on spine. O/W VERY RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 79.95
AUDELS ANSWERS ON BLUEPRINT READING 1941352 pgs.+  Well illustrated manual.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 39.95
AUDELS PLUMBERS AND STEAMFITTERS GUIDE 2 19381950 pgs.+  Vol 2 of a total of 2. Well illustrated book manual- a must have for working with vintage plumbing, etc.  RARE & LIKE NEW   *COVER PIC* 39.95
BLACK & DECKER - 1929 TOOL CATALOG 43 pgs.  Towson, MD.  Some of the earliest portable electric power tools, etc.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 59.95
BUCK & RYAN - 1954 TOOL CATALOG 102 pgs, London, England.  Wide variety.  VERY SCARCE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 39.95
BUCK & RYAN - 1975 TOOL CATALOG 121 pgs, London, England.  Wide variety.  VERY SCARCE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 35.95
THE CARPENTER October, 1939. 62+ pgs. 6" x 9". Trade magazine with tool advertisements, photos of strikes, union gatherings. RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 49.95
COLLINS POSTER c.1925. Collins 10" x 20" heavy stock full color poster.  Minor abrasion on left corner.  Hanging cord.  VERY RARE & EXC   *PIC* 98.95
DIAMOND EDGE SIGN c.1920. Nicely made by Shapleigh Hardware, St. Louis, MO; 9-1/4"L x 6-1/4" x 1/16" thick hanging metal sign with cardboard backing. EXTREMELY RARE & EXC  *PIC* 129.95
DELTA - GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR ABRASIVE TOOLS 1939.  40 pgs. Well illustrated reference manual.  RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 39.95
DELTA - GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR DRILL PRESS 1937.  48 pgs. Well illustrated reference manual.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 39.95
DELTA - GETTING THE MOST OUT OF YOUR LATHE 1935.  48 pgs. Well illustrated reference manual.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 39.95
DELTA M2 - 1936 TOOL CATALOG 47 pgs.  Classic woodworking machines and accessories.  RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 59.95
ELEMENTARY WOODWORK 1906. Clothbound. 206 pg. 5" x 7". Textbook used in early school manual training classes. Profusely illustrated. RARE & VG+ *COVER PIC* 49.95
FORTY YEARS AT CAST STEEL AND TOOL MAKING 1896. 247 pgs. Clothbound. 5" x 7-1/4". Illustrated + tool advertisements in back of book. All you ever wanted to know about the subject!  VERY RARE & VG+  *COVER PIC* 98.95
HAHN BRUSH CATALOG 28 pgs.  c.1940.  New York.  Household variety brushes.  *COVER PIC* 25.95
HARTNESS SCREW THREAD COMPARATOR - 1921 46 pgs., Cloth.  Springfield, Vermont.  Published by Jones & Lamson Machine Co.  Everything you wanted to know about screw threads.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 29.95
HUNT'S No.13 - 1940 CATALOG FOR WOODWORKERS 136 pgs. Some handtools, mostly wood, parts and hardware.  Some wear and soiling on covers.  O/W SCARCE & VG+   *COVER PIC* 25.95
HUTHER SAWS No.54 - 1934 CATALOGUE 114+ pgs.  Mostly circular, industrial and mill saw blades and related equipment.  RARE & LIKE NEW  *COVER PIC* 49.95
IRON HORSE ANTIQUES, INC. TOOL CATALOGS Bomoseen, Vermont.  Lot of 19 Tool Catalogs & 5 Book Catalogs; 1972-1981.  Tool Catalog Nos.3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, & 23.  Published by Vernon Ward, a pioneer mailorder antique tool dealer.  Iron Horse was one of the first which later became The Fine Tool Journal.  All catalogs aver. 50-60 pgs.  Invaluable references.   VERY SCARCE & EXC  *COVER PICS* 98.95
LUFKIN No.8 TOOL CATALOG c.1940. 160 pgs. Paper. 5-1/2" x 7-5/8". Precision  calipers, micrometers, rules, etc. Quality items. Profusely illustrated. *COVER PIC* 59.95
MAY HARDWARE CO. - 1944 50 pgs.+  Portland, OR. Illustrated.  Many Stanley items.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 29.95
NICHOLSON FILES c.1940. Tin sign: 12" x 19". VERY RARE & EXC  *PIC* 129.95
NORTON ABRASIVES No.18 - 1939 CATALOG 29 pgs.  Troy,  New York.  Illustrated.  Oil stones and other abrasive products.  RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 29.95
PACIFIC MILL & MINE SUPPLY CO. CATALOGUE 254 pgs.  c.1917 Illustrated.  San Francisco, Los Angeles & Portland.  Valuable reference of materials and  including No.11 Plane.  VERY RARE & EXC   *COVER PIC* 79.95
P.S. & W MECHANICS' HANDY LIST - 1911 (catalog) 171 pgs. 4-1/2" x 6-3/4". Paper. Finely illustrated listing of numerous  The company later was renamed PEXTO. VERY RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 79.95
RUBELMANN HARDWARE CO. No.43 - 1923 TOOL CATALOGUE 179 pgs.  Profusely illustrated St. LouisGood selection of tools, including Stanley.  ORIGINAL MAILING ENVELOPE.  VERY RARE, NEW & UNUSED   *COVER PIC* 129.95
SARGENT No.1080/1085 COMBINATION PLANES 20 pgs. How to use booklet - ORIGINAL. Some staining and tears. O/W VERY RARE & VG  *COVER PIC* 29.95
SIMONDS GUIDE FOR CARPENTERS 1926.  63 pgs.  A little booklet with a lot of information, mostly about saws. RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 59.95
STARRETT No.25-1935 TOOL CATALOG 383+ pgs. Paperbound. 5-1/4" x 7-1/2". Profusely illustrated, important reference for what Starrett made in 1935. VERY RARE & VG+  *COVER PIC* 79.95
STARRETT No.26A-1953 TOOL CATALOG 334 pgs. Paperbound. 5" x 7". Profusely illustrated, important reference for what Starrett made in 1953. RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 59.95
STARRETT TOOLS FOR AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR WORK AND HOW TO USE THEM 1932. 23 pgs. Paper. 4-7/8" x 6-3/4". Excellent illustrations of and how to use these tools. VERY RARE & EXC  *COVER PIC* 59.95
SOUTH BEND LATHES No.93 - 1933 CATALOG 72 pgs.  South Bend, IN. Nicely illustrated with South Bend  Lathes and parts; excellent reference.  VERY RARE & EXC+   *COVER PIC* 89.95
UNION No.38 TOOL CATALOG 20 pgs.  c.1944.  Spiral bound.  Machinist's toolsSCARCE & VG   *COVER PIC* 35.95
WHITE SOCKET CHISEL BOX Hinged lid; oak, 16-5/8" x 5-1/2" x 3-1/4", finger jointed corners,  condition) originally contained 12 chisels, 1/8" to 2". VERY RARE & EXC  *PIC* 129.95

>>All books, catalogues, manuals and other paper items are ORIGINAL EDITIONS, unless indicated as reprints<<



The following condition ratings are used to qualify and describe items in a general manner.  In addition,  most items are described with remarks in respect to percent of original finish (including re-paints); pitting; chips; breaks; repairs, owner's marks; missing, replaced and/or non-vintage parts, etc.  My perception of condition is conservative and hopefully you will be pleased with receiving an item that will be better than your expectations.
N (NEW & UNUSED) Never been used. May or may not have original box and/or packaging.  **I prefer not to use the term "mint" in describing tools - a word more suitable in discussions of coins and stamps**.
LN (LIKE NEW) Little or no use.  May have had "shelf" wear or tarnish from improper storage.
EXC++-LN (EXCELLENT++-LIKE NEW) Very light use.  Retains most of the original finish.  All parts vintage correct and functional, complete.
EXC, EXC+ (EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT+) Has had careful, moderate use. Better than 75% original finish.  All parts vintage correct and functional, complete.
VG, VG+ (VERY GOOD, VERY GOOD+) Shows use.  Finish less than 75%.  May have minor cosmetic defects.  All parts may or may not be vintage correct but will be functional, complete.
G (GOOD) Heavy use.  Finish spotty.  Some parts may be worn, replaced and/or repaired and may need to be replaced for item to be functional.
F (FAIR) May or may not be suitable for restoration and mostly useable for parts.
P (POOR) Every aspect of the item in poor repair with major defects, missing parts, etc.


PURCHASING- Any item may be purchased by VISAMC.jpg (3635 bytes) money order, cashiers check or bank draft in U.S. Funds (purchases by money order, cashiers check or bank draft are held for 7 days pending receipt of remittance). State of Washington residents please add 8.4% sales tax to total amount of order.  Prices as listed.
SHIPPING- Prices include shipping & handling by UPS GROUND, U.S.A. addresses.   Faster delivery by UPS NEXT DAY, 2nd DAY & 3 DAY SELECT can be obtained at time of order.  Additional shipping charges may apply for orders sent to ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO & CANADA & INTERNATIONAL destinations when shipped by USPS - AIR PARCEL POST, PARCEL POST.
RETURNS- Any item may be returned, in the same condition as it was received, within 7 days of receipt, for a refund.  Please contact me by Email or phone for return authorization.  Purchaser pays return shipping costs.  Original shipping costs non-refundable.

**All items subject to prior sale**

       To order or inquire about availability of items,  please contact me via Email: bktools@olympus.net or call me at (360) 452-2292. Monday to Saturday, Pacific Time or whenever you can catch me 

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